The Wilkins Difference

Wilkins Investment Counsel was founded in 1989 to serve the investment management needs of individuals, families, foundations and endowments. Since that time, we have maintained a successful and continuous history of helping our clients meet their evolving financial needs.

Our focus is on the preservation and prudent long-term growth of your capital. We assemble smart portfolios tailored to your unique circumstances and goals. Finding the right financial guidance is really about forming a relationship of two-way trust and confidence. We talk with you using straightforward language until you are 100% comfortable about how your investments are working for you.

At Wilkins we’re not “followers”, which our clients seem to appreciate. Being a little bit different from the norm doesn’t frighten us. In fact it’s precisely because we’re not swayed by popular trends that we’ve been able to achieve the long term results for our clients that have proven to be as singular as they are.

All the members of our firm develop deep, long-lasting relationships with our clients—built on an unwavering commitment to ethical and forthright dealings.

The Wilkins team maintains the highest standards of practice in all facets of our firm’s activity.

The Wilkins Client

There are two very different types of people that find our firm to be an especially good match: the first is a person well-versed in investing, maybe even a career professional, who appreciates the way deep independent research—and a prudent, long-term view—can preserve and grow significant wealth over a full market cycle (or many of them).

The second type of person who feels at home at Wilkins is an individual whose primary focus has not been managing his or her wealth.  Someone who appreciates jargon-free explanations and advisors who take the time to really understand family goals and personal values.  We understand that our clients’ investment decisions—and the results—are intimately tied to the way they want to live today and how they’ll realize long-term aspirations as well.

Since our founding in 1989, we’ve carefully built hundreds of relationships with clients who often wind up becoming friends. We have helped them put together solid investment strategies that let them face the future—confident that they’re well situated to hold onto and increase their capital. We invite you to get to know us better and hope to have the opportunity to do the same.